Why all the fuss over Hatred?

The oxymoron titled Polish indie developer Destructive Creations released a first look trailer for their new game Hatred which has somehow managed to cause a stir amongst mainstream and gaming media despite merely offering the same graphic violence we see in many games every year. Destructive Creations has an angle

The Truth about Destiny Legendary Items

Destiny is just over two weeks old now and has seen millions of players take up its engaging opportunistic myriad of shooting and looting for hours upon end. The core numbers of gamers who have reached the significant and perhaps overbearing level 20 have most likely exhausted much of the

Naruto SUN Storm Revolution Ninja Escapades Videos

The latest Naruto fighting game from Bandai Namco Games features a number of modes including three exclusive episodes which provide a bit of background story on key characters. Take a look at our complete playthrough Naruto SUN Storm Revolution Ninja Escapades videos to see them in action. The game is

Dead Rising 3 Xbox One vs PC video

We put the Xbox One version of Capcom’s Dead Rising 3 next to the just released PC release to see how the two compare in our Dead Rising 3 Xbox One vs PC video. Aside from vast differences in gamma levels where both settings were left at the game’s default