HITMAN 4K Video Shows Off Great Visuals

It’s perhaps easy to suggest than most games look fantastic in 4K and compared to their 1080p counterparts the differences can be quite stark. However, unless you’re running a powerful PC with possible dual GPUs then playing games in 4K at 60 frames per second is perhaps out of reach

HITMAN Episode 2 Sapienza Playthrough

IO Interactive released the second episode of their HITMAN game on consoles and PC set in the idyllic location of Sapienza in Italy. Agent 47 has three main objectives as part of the story this time which includes destroying a deadly virus and killing a male and female target. The

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 4K Looks Stunning

DICE has reworked their Frostbite engine for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst which provides a number of neat visual effects to marvel at. On PC the option to up the resolution to 4K is a must and although using a GTX 980 Ti you’re limited to around 30 frames per second instead