Saints Row Gat out of Hell Endings Video

Saints Row Gat out of Hell features five unique endings which offer a different slant on the future of lead character Johnny Gat and the fate of the world itself. Players are required to beat the final story mission and then choose an appropriate ending which once beat rolls out

The Truth About The VR Experience

With the recent arrival of the first consumer VR head mounted display the Samsung Gear VR and the wide use of the development kit Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality (VR) is poised for a revival since the early 90s release of the consumer SEGA VR. However, in light of limitations with

MGS V Ground Zeroes PS4 vs PC

Kojima Productions recently released the PC version of its prologue game Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes having already been available on last gen consoles, Xbox One and PS4. With the PS4 version being the best in terms of graphics amongst its peers, the PC version ups the ante with