DOA Xtreme Venus Vacation Gameplay (JPN)

Dead or Alive Xtreme: Venus Vacation is a free to play spin-off game for PC audiences in Japan. Rather than play with the girls, you play as their coach fueling them on to win volleyball matches against their peers and unlocking swimsuits and various items in the process. It’s all

Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero Playthrough

Capcom released the Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero downloadable content for free which offers around 1.5-2 hours of extra gameplay separate from the main campaign. Players assume the role of series legend Chris Redfield in a mix of first person shooting and survival. There is a bit of trial

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab Gameplay Oculus Rift VR

In this single-player adventure from the world of Blade Runner 2049, you’ve been transported to the Wallace Corporation’s Memory Lab where an eager Joi-Tech model hologram is ready to scan your mind to reveal the circumstances behind your latest retirement. You’ll travel from the memory lab and into strange and