Smash Court Tennis 3 review

Namco’s Smash Court Tennis series has been around for some time, and although having a different title in other regions and at one point being called Anna Kournikova’s Tennis. The series has been a smash hit for Namco, especially as it’s cemented itself as an accessible series for beginners and

Sid Meier’s Civilization: Revolution review

Civilization Revolution isn’t for the faint hearted, because if you know your history, then you’ll be aware that warfare has played a major part in the advancement and detriment of the human race. The game places the player into a godlike diplomatic role, where by managing resources, developing technology and

Beijing 2008 review

The Olympic Games are about to begin in Beijing and to catch you whilst in the athletics mood, Sega has released the official game of the games. This mean that gamers wishing to reach the peaks of athleticism can do so from the comfort of their own homes, minus any

Alone in the Dark review

The Alone in the Dark series has had a long and rich existence as a video game, and has also been one of the few licenses to receive a movie adaptation (although many would argue the movie wasn’t the pinnacle of the series’ achievements). It’s now 2008 and Eden games

Top Spin 3 review

It’s tennis season and to welcome in the summer season of outdoor games, 2K Sports has released its latest tennis game in its Top Spin series. With two other Top Spin titles under their belts, the appropriately named Top Spin 3, offers another slice of tennis action where you can

Don King’s Prizefighter review

Boxing games have been few and far between on Xbox 360 with only one real contender which released quite some time ago, Fight Night Round 3. Since then we’ve not really had an challengers to the graphical powerhouse of EA’s fighting game. However, graphics aside, the game did provide an