Talking HITMAN: Level Design

Io-Interactive’s level designers Jacob Mikkelsen and Marta La Mendola talk about the level design in the upcoming Hitman video game which comes to consoles and PC next month as an episodic action game. The PC Beta test kicks off on February 19th after a successful PS4 version which ran last

Black Desert Online – Opening Cinematic

Take a look at the cinematic intro sequence for the EU/NA version of the PC exclusive MMO Black Desert Online video game which features the voice of Tay Zonday who you might know from his operatic cover versions of popular video game music. To find out more about the release

WWE 2K16 PC Version Ships In March

2K Games has today announced that its previously console exclusive wrestling game WWE 2K16 will now be making its way to the PC from march 11th 2016. The WWE 2K16 PC release will contain all the content of the console originals at no extra cost which means the two playable

Kill to Collect Teaser Trailer

Pieces Interactive has today released a cool looking teaser trailer for their upcoming Steam game Kill to Collect which is an 80s themed cyberpunk busting co-op rogue-like action game. For more details head on over to the official website. About Kill To Collect: Kill to Collect takes place in Geoshelter

Fallout 4 DLC details Announced

Bethesda has today revealed details of its upcoming Fallout 4 DLC which includes Automatron priced at £7.99 coming next month, Wasteland Workshop priced £3.99 coming April, Far Harbor priced: £19.99 due in May. One caveat: Anyone who buys the Season Pass for £24.99 before March 1st will get all £45

The Town of Light coming to Xbox One this year, has today announced that it will be bringing its psychological horror game The Town of Light to the Xbox One in 2016. To mark the announcement a trailer has been unleashed to whet the appetite if you’re a fan of spooky walking sim type experiences. For more details about