Need For Speed PC Reveal Trailer

EA has announced a PC version of their most recent Need For Speed game which launched on consoles late last year. The PC version boasts a string of improvements over the console version most notably the increase in frames per second up to 60 and beyond. Also PC gamers will

The Culling Closed Alpha Sign Up Now

Xaviant has today announced that gamers can now sign up for a free Closed Alpha for its newly revealed battle royale game The Culling which will be available on Steam Early Access on March 8th. The Alpha will launch later this month (February). For more information about signing up, head

Quantum Break Announcements Video

In this latest Microsoft Xbox video, the Major (Larry Hryb) talks with Aaron Greenberg of Microsoft about the upcoming Quantum Break video game which releases on April 5th on Xbox One. The video looks at the console bundle and the Windows 10 version where save files from either version will

The Solus Project: Developer Video 3 – The Story

Grip Digital released another The Solus Project developer video which takes a closer look at the game’s story. The Solus Project releases on Steam Early access on February 18th and on Xbox Game Preview on February 26th. You can find more information about the release on the official website. About

Dungeons 2 PS4 Teaser Trailer

Kalypso Media has today announced the April 22nd release date for its upcoming Dungeon’s 2 on PS4. To mark the occasion a new teaser trailer has been released to set the tone, although no actual gameplay is shown. For more information, head on over to the official website. About Dungeons